Witcher 3 and Some of the Guide to the Secondary Quests

When you are playing Witcher 3, be prepared with the secondary quest. With more than 150 missions to choose from, the game is completely huge and big – it is pretty safe to say that it is a big game from size and content. Sure, you will be dealing with the primary quests but it can be pretty overwhelming to choose which secondary quest to choose or skip. With this guide, hopefully, your playing time will be easier.

Remember that you can trigger the secondary quests in some ways. You can examine a certain location, read the Area Noticeboard, or just walk down the street.


Witcher 3 Novigrad Secondary Quests

The Suspicious Shakedown is one of the secondary quests in Novigrad. When you go to the south side of Gate of Hierarch, you will see a group of bandits harassing a small merchant. You can use level 2 Axii or cut down the bandits. Afterward, talk to the merchant to conclude the quest.

Karmic Justice is another mission to heed. Go to the alleyway located in between the Southern Gate and Tretogor at night. You will see two Scoia’tael punching a merchant. If you help him, you can get Crowns rewards. You may see the merchant later on selling goods in the city but you can find the items elsewhere, anyway.


Witcher 3 Velen Secondary Quests

The Mans Best Friend is one mission included in the many secondary quests in Velen area in Witcher 3 game. Go to the path between Border Post and Crossroads Inns and you will see the Farmer’s Hut. If you kill the Wild Dogs and find a group of children inside the hut, you have the options to give them food or crowns (they haven’t eaten anything in days) or leave them.

The Volunteer is a mission where you have a conversation with a Troll at the Pontar River camp. You can kill him or give him the paint. Any of these will conclude and complete the mission.


Witcher 3 Kaer Morhen Secondary Quests

Berengar’s Blade is one mission where you take a look at Berengar’s Note and then speak to Vesemir. After the conversation, leave Kaer Morhen and go to the new objective area. When you are already in the cave, you will deal with a Chort. If you use the Queen Sign, the fight will be easier. Once you have slain the monster, locate a Diagram by using the Witcher Senses. The mission is over when you leave the area. These are only some examples of the secondary quests in Witcher 3 so if you are looking for more, there are reliable sources out there.