iOS 10.1 New Features: Unveiling the Latest Breakthrough in the iOS Update

Apple has only released iOS 10 recently, but they are quicker than ever, the brand new iOS 10.1 is here. Finally, the iOS 10.1 is finally compatible for both iPhone and iPad after multiple betas. Wondering what are the latest iOS 10.1 new features? Truthfully, nothing much, unless you own an iPhone 7 Plus.


iOS 10.1 new features – Portrait Mode

Apple did announce the Portrait Mode during the iPhone launch event in September, now be happy because the wait is over! Portrait Mode is one of the biggest iOS 10.1 new features, which make the most of the dual sensors camera.  Portrait Mode allows iPhone users to snap pictures with artificially blurred backgrounds, or the bokeh effect, which could only be achieved by using DSLR or mirrorless cameras back then. The way the foreground stays sharp while the background is blurred, makes the outcome of the snap looks magnificent.

Unfortunately, the latest feature is exclusive to the iPhone 7 Plus users since both 12-megapixel sensors are needed. The built-in ISP, image signal processor, scans the background. Meanwhile the foreground, such as faces or animals, is identified by the machine as the object. After that, the 56mm lens captures the pictures and the wider 28mm lens determines the distance of the subject, approximating the depth of field to create the effect.

How is the result? Is it worth trying? Compared to the Huawei P9, which has a similar option, the results of the Huawei camera are far from natural. Apple’s Portrait Mode definitely does a better job. The results of the snaps are sharp and quite natural, although it cannot perfectly replicate a DSLR. The new Portrait Mode can be found the camera app. Swipe through the carousel until you find it; it is right next to the panorama mode.

Any Other Features?

As always, Apple always includes ‘Bug Fixes’ in every iOS updates to hopefully remove the annoying glitches. One of the iOS 10.1 new features will also allow you to use the nifty bubble effects in Messages by enabling ‘Reduce Motion’. If you live in Japan, more transit directions are added.

Just like every iOS updates, enjoy the iOS 10.1 new features by downloading it in the Setting. Simply connect to Wifi, open up Setting and click the ‘Check for updates’ button. The latest update will be installed right away. Another way to update your iOS is by plugging your iPhone into an iTunes computer application and installs it through your computer. So, what are you waiting for? Head to the Software Updates section and update your iOS.